By traceyflowerpot


I have been really busy today. I did the housework this morning and prepared the Sunday roast then cooked it ,we had roast beef today, yummy. Then in my wisdom I decided to make some homemade bread.

It smells lovely cooking and it tastes alot better than shop bread, (well we think so). The only thing about making it is it is time consuming, but worth it.

So for tea we are having homemade bread,cheese and crispy bits and some cake.

Ohhhhhhhh roll on tea-time, haha.

Back to my diet tomorrow, I only put 2lbs on over Christmas, I dont think that is too bad. I am now going to try and lose another stone ready for the summer time. I dont mind dieting really, you get to try different food. It makes me feel more fresher and healthier too.

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