The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Unusual Animals In Wiltshire Fields #9: Pygmy Goat

On yesterday's drive I stopped off at Hanger Park Farm in Bremhill to look at the pygmy goats. I have blipped one of the kids before, in what became my Unusual Animals In Wiltshire Fields series. Here is an adult goat from the same field.

There are links to others in the series here.

Lens: Pentax 50-200mm

Laptop update: It turns out that the unwanted virus protection that re-installed itself unsolicited contained a virus. I removed the program, deleted all the remaining files I could find from the hard drive, found instances running in Task Manager and deleted those, deleted links from the Start Menu, ran virus scans etc. etc., but still it came back on re-boot, making my laptup run at the speed of continental plates drift. I am now repeating the process while it is offline and running more checks.

Backblip: 31.1.2011


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