The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Black Dog

Today's walk took me from Berhills Farm along the river to Black Dog Hill, and back along the old railway path, past Black Dog Halt back into Calne at Chaveywell. It had been quite sunny, but the sun had gone behind a cloud as soon as I set out.

I was experimenting with my very old Kiron 28-210mm lens, as I have been for a few days now without using anything taken with it for a blip, and coincidentally, that's the case again today. It was the all-purpose lens that I used with my aperture-priority Pentax ME for many years. It has Auto aperture but only manual focus, and the focus ring is also the zoom so it a little awkward to use. It's also very heavy, but it can produce excellent results.

This was taken with my Lumix point-and-shoot for my textures and colours series and is a part of the stile that takes you from the south side of the river to the railway path (although I had come from the north side, so hadn't used the stile).

Lens: Leica 1:2.8-5.9/4.4-22

Laptop notes: I discovered that although the laptop was usable after slowly deleting everything to do with the rogue program, even when detached from the web, the program returned upon re-boot, an essential part of the Add/Remove uninstallation process. This told me that it was somewhere on the hard drive and not being downloaded afresh during its interminable rebooting process.
I'd removed all the files that Search had located, but a manual search in folders such as Downloads, Program Files, Windows found several more including one folder beginning with a $ symbol. I deleted all of these and rebooted. The dreaded icon did not reappear and the computer seemed to work normally. I tentatively replaced the ethernet cable and nothing bad happened! It may be fixed. The remaining test will be the next re-boot whilst connected to the WWW, but it looks promising.

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Led Zeppelin - Black Dog (recorded live, 1975, Germany)

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