By wellsforzoe

Internet back in action

Back on the world wide web again today.
Looks like the girls are on their farm outreach work again.
Looks like Charity has driven the old Irish Army jeep, as there's no sign of our men.
They have gathered with some villagers, (the man in the hat is the chief) to discuss a vegetable garden, citrus seedlings and maybe forestry.
The report is that our placements are doing amazing work which is really exciting.

Harisen wrote:

I have met Mathias and Charity and we had a 1hr 30min meeting discussing how we can work with them on water and rural developments in their catchment areas and we agreed to meet on Sunday afternoon. They will have a meeting with chiefs and I will attend their meeting to table the issue of water in their areas.
Will also visit some of their projects.

This area is not far away. The contact came from Natashd Dale in Croatia!
We are on it Natasha!!

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