By MallyC

Dilly Dallying!

Today I decided to just choose a position in the garden ands watch what was happening. I chose the vege garden. In particular the overgrown patch of chard mingled with poppies and weeds and spider plant (which happens to be flowering - another first as I have never seen the flowers of a spider plant).

After about half an hour of discovering various flying critters, spiders and midges I focused on these two procreating. I did feel a bit pervy but they seemed not to be embarrassed by the closeness of my observations and so I was able to take myriad shots from all angles.

I have to admit that this particular image is the second best of approx. 12 shots taken of the amorous couple. The best I am saving for a photo competition coming up in the near future.

I do not know what they are called so if anyone recognises the species please let me know.

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