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By freespiral

Polytunnel excitment

Well the Polytunnel Book launch was riotously exciting and I can tell some people can't wait to hear more (yes you Wayfarer and JenB!!). The great and the green were present and actually it is a really handsome and useful book - takes you through your polytunnel month by month with copious very good photos by the author's husband. That gave me a little idea! I think I might record how my polytunnel grows and do a blip of it on the 4th ( well I missed the 1st) of each month. I know some people already do something like this. So here is what it currently looks like. No, not very exciting and not much growing apart from a bit of parsley and some rather wilted chard. But!! this is soon all to change as I shall shortly be sowing! There are a few things of interest to the eagle eyed - in the far right corner is a vine, currently looking totally dead but soon about to leap into life. On the left hand side is my working area complete with homemade bottles of green manure!!! This is potent and extraordinarily smelly stuff made from comfrey and nettles. You literally just hack down the plants, cover with water and leave to brew! Trouble is, once you apply it you can't go into the polytunnel for a few days as the stench is so mighty! The polytunnel is also an excellent place for drying clothes hence the clothes lines!

The polytunnel was already here when we bought the house but we have had to re-cover it. This is quite a job and the way people do it around here is to have polytunnel parties where you go and work like mad (usually the women digging and men giving technical advice!) and then you're fed and watered. I bet you can't wait for the next view in March - I'm excited!

Apart from that, it's dull and very windy. a day for catching up.

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