Steph's window on life...

By SJordan

Reminiscing of my trip...

By eating some of the sweeties I brought home... Pretzel M&M's, YUM! I wish we could get these, and the coconut ones (which are even better) here. :D

Jetlag really set in this morning, I woke up at about 7.30 and felt absolutely terrible, I couldn't even make it in to uni! I went back to bed, and didn't get up until about 11, I did however feel so much better for it, and feel refreshed now.

I've spent a lot of today reminiscing about my trip, as everyone has been asking about it, and asking how I got on. It was amazing, I'm dying to go back! :D Back to work now, and uni on Monday, so things are quickly getting back to normal... Hope you're all well, and didn't miss me too much in my absence. ;)

I've back blipped a few pics from when I was away, so feel free to check those out. :D


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