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Tour Bus

And to your left ladies and gentlemen, a continent in flames. To your right a £500m building that houses nice people who stand around with watering cans for them.

Speaking of p***tics...I was struggling for tv last night (how bad is it? - gimme something a week to tune in to please). Watched This Life 10th anniversary special. Never ever watched it ten years ago cos I had a Life so knew none of the characters. It was ok but set pieces were obvious (overhearing bit with kids sound monitor - c'mon) and the topical/political chat was obvious too. I turned over to BBC4 for an interview with Armando Iannucci - Glasgow/Italian dude who writes the Day Today and Partridge. Funny guy. Following the interview there was a one off special of The Thick of It. I'd seen it a few times and always enjoyed. Main actor Chris Langham was missing because of naughty internet seediness in real life. Just as good without him.

Anyway - this special had docu cameras following the Labour cabinet AND the shadow Tory lot.
The Labour lot are led mercilessly by Peter Capaldi's PR/Media Spin Dcotor Malcom Tucker and his fellow Scottish stooge. In one scene a bumbling but confident cabinet MP is to go on Newsnight and face Paxman.

Tucker (In pure Scottish accent): "We cannae put you on fuckin Paxman!"

"Oh don't worry, he's more like Russell Harty now."

Tucker's stooge (In pure Scottish accent): "Fuck off. He'll chew you up, spit you oot and grout his fuckin wet room wi ye!"

Later, while watching Paxman turn him into a gibbering, confused, mega-blinking fool:
"Like watching a lion rape a sheep".

The Tory equivalent of Tucker is some design guru in a t-shirt and "graphic designer specs" (TM) who has Oliver Letwin types wearing Vivienne Westwood suits with no ties and open collars. This is "right now" comedy at its best.
The funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Merchant & Gervais are good, but Iannucci they are not. His cracking dialogue is relentless.

Check the link above but it's on again on January 10th at 10pm on BBC4. So everyone set your videos (or those in Leith - set yer stolen, chipped, Skyplus digibox).

"I've been breaking my fucking not inconsiderable balls for you".

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