Return to the North

By Viking

Murch 9. - The Sacred Cow

New Zealand doesn't really go for Christmas decoration in a big way and Murchison even less so. Fairy lights are pointless when it doesn't get dark until bedtime! Kiwi's also don't really like spending/wasting money so if something can serve more than one purpose then it is usually a good thing.
So here we have Murchison's Christmas decoration (one on a powerline every so often down the main street, this one being directly outside mine) it also serves as a reminder to summer visitors/tourists of where they are and that it's a place to stop for a rest and a cuppa. Not being satisfied with two purposes, it also has a third - to remind us that Murchison is now dairy country! (We don't get our milk any cheaper though, more's the pity, and as for cheese, God don't get me started on that issue)
Maybe I should climb up and put 'Blipper lives here' on it! What do you reckon folks?

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