Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

A great day and it's only 10.30am!

Thanks Sooooooooo much for all your lovely comments about my performance on BBC Breakfast this morning! And for blipping me too! Very touching and I would like all the photos! Please send to!
I was there to talk about the positive effects of singing as it is National Sing Up Day, there were 3 lovely children and their teacher in the studio with me from Sing Up who sang in harmony and were so cute! I was really impressed with them! Every school should embrace this great scheme!
So far this is the only live watchable clip of me singing! taken by the lovely Chrissy Darling (on the left), I will post more links as they come up.
I MUST say stunning outfit designed and made by Renaissance Brighton!
Fabulous ring Rubiz!
Biggest thanks though goes to Peter Markham, an Editor on the show, who saw me singing at Cruz 101 in Manchetser and decided to get me on the programme! He came in specially to meet me this morning even though he wasn't working, what a lovely man, Max and I will definitely be taking up his kind invitation to visit him and his partner in Brighton en famille for lunch/dinner later in the year!
Thanks also to our lovely friend Phil who came to look after the kids at 7am so that Max was able to come with me! Everyone at BBC Breakfast was so nice and helpful and imagine our absolute joy and how starstruck we were when Sir David Attenborough walked into the green room!!!! I told him he was like a member of our family as we all watch his incredible DVDs almost everyday and Max told him he wished he was his Dad! He was very kind and took our compliments graciously and agreed to be photographed with Max, who was quite overcome! A great start to the day! i have decided to skyve off song writing today and instead meet singing friends for lunch in Soho!

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