By ByWater

Lotta Lemons

I have a very prolific lemon tree in my front yard. The lemons begin to be ripe around Christmas and I am now overrun with lemons--can't use them fast enough and there's now no room for other produce in the assigned drawers in the fridge, so I finally quit putting it off and started squeezing and then freezing the juice in ice cube trays. This is my second batch--one more to go. I put it off like doing the taxes because it makes my hand hurt so. I suppose I could purchase some kind of automatic squeezer, but I think I'll wait until I'm old for that.

The tree is planted by the front door, and I thought I had planted it far from the door, but years have passed and it encroaches on the entrance stairs every year. So it has had to be pruned (lemon trees have some mean thorns!) and has lost its symmetry, but the lemons just keep coming.

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