Classic Camera Collector

By classicphoto

Let There Be Light!

Ok, I think I got a little carried away in the "darkroom" today!
It would be me to post a picture the day before with no editing, and then the next day post a picture with A LOT of editing! I don't care! haha! The more I kept fiddling with this pic, the more that I liked it. This is a stained-glass lamp that is in my grandma's kitchen. It's night time, so it is very dark, and this light's colors are so beautiful, it just popped in the night, and I had to capture it!
For editing, (where do I begin...) I made it black & white, and colorized the lamp. Notice how the lamp post is colorized as well. It has a nice hint of gold to it. I then put it through a "cross process" which was an old film effect of purposely developing film with the wrong amount of chemicals, resulting in a washed out effect.
I hope you enjoy!

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