horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


A true rollercoaster day of highs and lows...

High - Lovely morning coffee at Peter's Yard with likeminded cycling people and then spotting a Treecreeper outside;

Low - Getting utterly stressed about getting citycycling back up and running on time;

High - Getting citycycling back up and running on time;

Low - Picking my mum and her friend up from their hotel to drive them to Glasgow for Strictly Come Dancing in rush hour traffic;

High - Actually had a really nice three hours having a wee wander along the Clyde, where this shot was taken, then sitting sipping coffee and reading the newspapers on my phone in the Crowne Plaza bar beside the SECC;

Low - Flat tyre. Grrrr. Tiptoe home from Harthill with the runflat just about holding up till a mile from home.

(this being a backblip I can tell you the car is now in a tyre place 5 minutes from the house having both front tyres replaced (the completely knackered one and the other one which had a really low tread anyway)).

Tiring, tiring day.

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