Displacement activities

By Detritus


A lazy day, girl didn't get dressed until the afternoon. For some reason she's discovered Madness, in particular One step beyond. We played music, she danced and shouted the appropriate words at the appropriate times (and others too). And she marvelled at watching the vinyl spin (she is only five after all).

Nostalgia shot, as the record was a present from my brother when I was eight, the record player I bought in 1990 with one of my first pay packets.

The only trip out today was with girl to exercise the hound round the woods. Took a few pics, including a spooky long exposure of us walking, which perhaps is a better picture than this one, but this one more accurately captures the moment of a morning spent listening to music with an over-excited girl.

A nice relaxed day. And we also ate Christmas cake.

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