St Valentine

There are a lot of Valentine related Blips today but how many actually have the Martyr St Valentine in them?

This one has!

The remains are in the gold casket in the picture.

St Valentine came to Glasgow through Fr Victorin Cartuyvels at that time Provincial Minister of the Friars Minor in Belgium. The relics with all the requisite authentication had been in the hands of a wealthy French family who were looking for homes for their considerable collection of religious relics. Having heard of the new Franciscan Church being built in Scotland in 1868 (in Gorbals, Glasgow) it was decided to send them there as a permanent sanctuary. They remained in St Francis for over 100 years and were then transferred to the Blessed John Duns Scotus in 1993 and enshrined in the new Greyfriars Centre.

There are stories of relics also held in Birmingham, Dublin, and in France. There are also stories suggesting there were in fact two men who shared the name of Valentine.

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