Man, Mountain or Fish

By StevieFish

Time enough

It has almost been a year since my life took on a different turn, a better turn. A year ago tomorrow I married SJ and everything changed while everything stayed the same.

It is also a good point to reflect, for this is a big point in my calendar. Not a manufactured celebration of year end where everyone must make changes, no, this is a very personal one. I don't need to look back at the last years blips and blip holes to know that work has just been insane, so much so that I worry for my health in a way I never thought I would, and also to know that it is SJ that has kept me sane.

tick tick tick

So the wheels turn and here I am, more reflective than I have been of late, today we head off for a mini trip to celebrate our first anniversary. Tonight I again, one year on, spend the evening in the company of a very good friend, in a different city and with my darling wife, where we eat and drink and enjoy life without the stresses and strains. Retiring before the witching hour I take my blip. Life may be short, may be long, but with a good partner there is always time enough.

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