By ArcLight

Storries Bakery

A very quick blip this morning in the #leithwalkshops series. I don't have anything much to say about this local bakery except that I know, from when I have cycled up Leith Walk early doors to go to the station, that I know it opens very early for the working people of Leith to procure their pies as they go to work.

Suffering "West Coast Loss Syndrome" today. But I feel refreshed, reinvigorated and able to cope with more of what is thrown at me. In fact, I opened a file with some photos this morning that I had been avoiding looking at for at least a week. That shows considerable progress!

Going away for the weekend has been a real boost. I can highly recommend it. It's just a shame that we cannot afford the money or the time every week. These things should be provided on the NHS ;-)

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