It's About Time

After my 300th, I starting thinking about how to approach my one year mark. I was through with doing multiples, so it would have to be one shot this time. I recalled a collage I had done in 2000 just after I got my first digital camera. It was of my digital watch and some power lines. For added surrealism, I fiddled with the readout to create an unreal time.

Seemed simple enough. I patiently waited two months for this day to roll around so I could effect my plan.

Imagine my horror when just two days ago I see this. ARGH! Pull hair, slam head on desk, jump out window. Then I remember I'm not original anyway and calm down. Clean up hair, wipe down desk, close window, create image. has been a great tool in rekindling my interest in photography, thank you. And thanks to all you who have commented here.

I don't have much to give back, but here is a little something, a list of tools that have helped me with my photography. And they are all free:

Raw Therapee
Daring Fireball (not specifically photography, but has had some truly valuable links to both photos and equipment, plus it's the smartest blog I read)

These two don't have much to do with photography, but I like em anyway.
Download Squad

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