No Daydreaming Today!

There's a dead Christmas tree over by the railings and I've a nagging feeling that it may be mine. Something must be done about it. But not today.
Today I was in top productive form. I punched my way through the bloody work. I just set to and fired off missives. I even banged out a work schedule for the next four weeks for a poor underling. Whilst thinking about tomorrow's presentation and listening into an audio about the main challenges the programme faces. I'm bloody superman at times.
And after work I took my sails to the chappy at the sail loft who duly tutted tutted over my mainsail. He reckons it may well be the original which I think is wonderful - a real collectors item. He fears however that it may be slightly baggy even for a baggy coastal cruising chap. And then I thought on: I could see a shimmering white sail on the sun kissed azure waters of the Forth and the admiring crowds waving and cheering from every headland. My steps ashore on a path festooned with petals as the throng rushed forward to garland me and carry me shoulder high to the clubhouse. I reached for my wallet without further ado.

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