By BernardYoung

Between the Lines

You mention love 129% more than the average Blipfoto journal Miscellaneous statistics

i think i spend too much time trying to read between your lines jkj10

Well, sometimes it's tricky to know who you are actually referring
to in your poems. I know that every book is not about the author as every song is not about the singer. Is it true of the poet as well?

Love Poem?
(for jkj10 who made my brain hurt!)

I mention love more than is average
which comes as a surprise to me
because I know nothing about love
yet it's here in my poetry.

I have to admit that I've dabbled.
I've made the usual mistakes -
marriages, mess-ups and one night stands.
I fell for the teasers and fakes.

But 129% more than average
when love has passed me by!
That seems both sad and ridiculous
to a poet such as I.

Though, when I say I, do I mean me?
Now it's me who's getting confused.
If I claim that I'm broken-hearted
am I the one badly bruised?

I'm searching through my own verses.
I'm looking for clues and for signs.
Perhaps I will find out how I'm feeling
if I read between the lines?

Copyright Bernard Young 2011

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