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Glory Days


Posted a day late due to being out very late last night trying to recapture the Glory Days of my youth at the My Chemical Romance concert at the SECC. This one isn't actually the headline act but the main support The Blackout who were from South Wales and completely excellent.

I've been to a few concerts over the recent months with one or more of the kids and I'd started to wonder whether this was the onset of symptoms for a mid-life crisis and worried whether I was going to turn into one of those sort or people who start to yearn for a ponytail and try and act a lot younger than they really are.....but then again no. Got into work today and had a number of conversations with staff who were about half my age along the following lines:

Them: How was the concert last night?

Me: Great!

Them: Who was playing?

Me: My Chemical Romance

Them: Who? Don't think I've heard of them

Seems I'm somewhat more in touch with the current music 'scene' than the youngsters! In fact the only exception to this general pattern of conversation today was one with a colleague of my own generation:

Him: Who was playing?

Me: My Chemical Romance

Him: them, I've got 'The Black Parade'...I quite like Bullet for my Valentine

Me: 'The Poison' and 'Scream, Aim, Fire'

Hah...the youth of today...wha do they know!

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