Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

I am certifiable for another year

Well, certified, is the better and proper word - but that's just not very amusing. Okay, let the abuse begin...

ERW is Emergency Response Warden of which I am one of two in the office. My previous partner, Charmaine, moved to Ottawa to study. Her successor, Norma, is an early bird like me. All three of us were born on the same day, but different years. Must be something to the date. Hmmm. ERW's get a refresher course each year and we get to throw everybody out if there is a fire alarm. Comes with a bright orange vest, a bright orange cap, a whistle on a lanyard, and a green glow-in-the-dark flashlight (torch).

Yesterday's blip: If this was the ladies' loo, I'd be arrested...

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