room for a couple more

Tomatoes are strange things. When they're cold they're really nice, either in a sandwich or just on their own. When they're warm they're really nice, especially squished up as the matrix of a chilli. Whole tomatoes (especially the dinky ones) eaten on their own are fine as part of a salad but take a perfectly edible tomato-slice and put it in a basil/olive oil/garlic/pepper/carrot/lettuce salad and the tomato-slice will be strangely different enough in taste and texture to taste and feel really odd. A similar effect occurs when eating a pizza featuring hot tomato sauce and not-quite-as-hot slices of tomato.

Fried tomatoes are just always odd-tasting and highly dangerous to boot.

This sandwich-pair was very nice, especially the pickly bits.

Due to business busy-ness and annoying meeting-placement I didn't get any lunchwalk today so was unable to get any pictures of people not enjoying the theoretical grumpiest day in the freezing rain. As someone who has just been cleared to acrossgrade to the magical and portable world of laptop in a couple of months' time I was planning to wander amongst them grinning slightly and walking along slightly bouncily but instead had to just work a bit whilst eating my lunch and wondering whether or not to pop out for a nice strong coffee as today's flaskful was a little weak as I still don't have the trick of the newflask's litre capacity. In the end I settled for weak coffee.

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