By cyclops

The delayed 08:36 service....

"The delayed 08:36 service to Brighton will shortly arrrive at Platform 1. Please allow passengers to leave the train before boarding, and make your way along inside the carriages to allow others to board. Thank you."

No, thank you. I was up at 5:30 this morning to get a 7am flight, which managed to depart on time and arrive on time in spite of costing only £40 return and travelling at 600mph. I thus don't really appreciate Thameslink running late after charging me £30 for a day travelcard on a transport system that seems to run at no more than 5mph... This journey within the London area is costing almost as much as getting here, and is late. Now I remember why I moved back to Edinburgh, and ponder once again the relative efficiency of the Edinburgh bus services.

"Circle line services are delayed by a points failure". Even better. Luton Airport Parkway (the subject of this blip) may have been cold but at least I saw some sun after yesterdays dismal prospect. No such luck in the undercroft of Blackfriars station.

I should have arrived an hour and a half before my meeting, plenty of time to do some work. Instead I have only time to Blip.

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