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Coconut Fudge

New flavour fudge for me. It's coconut fudge topped with a layer of dark chocolate and toasted dessicated coconut. I made the fudge with coconut milk and cream instead of milk and cream and just to make sure I put in a couple of shots of malibu too!

This is for the petit fours for the coffees. At the weekend I made some rose flavoured macaroons with a champagne and white chocolate filling. Someone came into my kitchen and put a box of bread on top of my macaroons and totally ruined them. Needless to say I was fuming and have now vowed never to make macaroons again for the benefit of the business. Noone owned up to it but I know what happens in my kitchen and I know who comes in and out and touches what. I will not forget!! 2 hours work in the bin.

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