secret garden

By freespiral

Davy Jones' locker??

A truly abysmal day, wind, torrential rain and misty murkiness. The cats refuse to go outside and I only ventured out briefly to get a paper and some milk! Things are hotting up for the election - there is a rash of election posters spoiling the view, one every few metres. Defacement has now started and can be quite creative!! it seems we can vote but I really wouldn't know who for - there doesn't seem to be much differentiation between parties and they all look like scoundrels!!

Today's blip is of a piece of wood I spotted propped up on the wall of the quay. It's quite large, a metre by half a metre. It has four big screws in each corner from which are hanging big bits of chain - these all meet up in the centre. It's a very pretty deep red and has obviously been in the sea as it's covered in little limpets and worm marks. A mermaid's bedhead? part of Davy Jones' locker? a pirate's treasure chest??

Enjoy the weekend :)

Edit: not limpets but barnacles, not waving but drowning!!!

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