By Daveloudon

Twisted bunch of Firemen

WBC entry...

Imagine the scene.

The guys from the third precinct (LegoLand) were having a game of Twister with a few colleagues and had invited Big Sam from the second precinct and a Firemen from Tomy Town, Tomy Tom.

The guy from Tomy was a bit different. He was an outsider. The Lego lads had stuck together through Fire School and had battled fierce fires for years as a team. They had lost friends together, they had shared triumph and sadness. But this Tomy out-of-towner wasn't one of 'them'.

This became clear when the game was getting a bit out of hand and Tomy Tom started riling the others. Big Sam and Tomy Tom had words.....Sam came out worse.

And in a sickening scene, the lads from the Third Precinct, set upon Tom. This picture was taken in the height of their twisted, sick fury.

Sorry to any children in the telling of this story.

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