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By dianafieldphoto

50 / 365 - Waiting

Went to town today - intending to watch Black Swan with my best friend, however it's only showing was on really late - and that's when we both start work! Boo! :(

So had a mooch around... and I ended up spending more on shoes and shopping than I intended to... not regretting it though! Finally have some boots that have been out for 2 years now and are only on sale now! WOO! £40 sale price worth it. :)

Waiting in the Vodafone store whilst my friend had his phone sorted. I was entertained with my sneaky compact... the staff don't look too happy with working.... (I think I put too much noise in the photo :/ )

Thank you to an anonymous user who has gifted me a full membership today! I deeply appreciate it and was not expecting it! Woo so happy! THANK YOU! :)

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