The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Llanelli Reflections

It's been a cracking day!

We've been babysitting my brothers daughter this weekend. She was very keen to go and "feed the ducks" after I took her to Slimbridge back in the summer.

We took her to Llanelli WWT today instead. I kinda prefer Llanelli Wetlands to Slimbridge, simply because all of Llanelli is set in a natural surroundings, not so much of the safari park feel you get in Gloucester. I still love Slimbridge though, and we are going there next Sunday.

My niece had a blast, and hand fed some Eider Ducks. I don't who was more excited, Dawn or Megan?

Spring is definitely on the way. The male wildfowl were displaying and chasing the girls all over the reserve! There were Robins and Great Tits singing from the tree tops, and the daffodils looked ready to burst open!

I hope you like what I did with this picture. I don't play with Photoshop very often, but I had this blip in mind when I took the shot of the flamingo.

Another exciting day tomorrow. Making fat cakes with pink suet sprinkles for the birds with Megan!

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