Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam


Spring *will* day soon...really it will.

Stuck in the house with my poorly boy again. Hot, cold, shivery, snotty and clingy but otherwise trying to be his usual cheerful little self.

H is entertaining him at the moment. They are painting in the kitchen. Bob is supervising (for that read one eye on the children, one eye on some client info) while I am working and uploading a quick blip.

My life at the moment feels a bit like I'm juggling, while balancing on a large ball atop a wobbly table. It only takes one small thing, like Noah being poorly, and everything threatens to come crashing down around me.

It's weird but one of the games I am best at on the Wii Fit, is the 'balancing on a wobbly ball while juggling and having extra balls and the occasional bomb thrown at you' game! I wonder why!

Ach..I'm sure life will sort itself out soon. Nature has a way of restoring the a heavier-handed way than I'd like sometimes, but restore it she does. In the mean time I just wish there was a bit more of either me or the day to go round!

Anyway...stuck inside I could see my beautiful Winter Flowering Jasmine outside to I pruned a few twigs in the name of Blip and shot them stuck in an empty chocolate sauce bottle against a piece of pretty turquoise fabric (in lieu of blue sky). Then I overlaid a texture

I'm not commenting anywhere near as much as I should and for that I apologise. I'm gritting my teeth now and hunkering down for the final push to 365...just so I can say I've done it...I...can't...wait!

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