Bitter River

By shaun22

Fett's Vette

by MC Chris
i know i already used this song-
on a pic of lego boba fett

a memory
being a kid and absolutely enthralled by the star wars movies.
asking for a wookie for christmas when i was four.
being scared of darth vader and the sarlacc pit.
absolutely loving ewoks.
being disgusted when they cut open the taun taun.
remembering when i used to remember all of the character names,
including ones that didnt even have lines...

still sick, and not leaving the apartment,
this is the result.
thanks again for all of the birthday wishes yesterday : )

yo' mama's so stupid
she went to bangkok
to buy a TIE fighter!

-thank you Robot Chicken : )
(best nerd joke ever)

*a year ago today*
my first SP on here..
not intentionally

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