monkey see

This is Edgar's room (still not decorated since we moved in so the wallpaper is the fault of the previous owner), with his cot in the corner, the chair for whoever's trying to get him back to sleep next to it and the bed for when the person trying to get him back to sleep is too tired to sit. On Tuesday night he went down to sleep in his cot at about half-past seven in the evening and stayed asleep in his cot until quarter to six in the morning, only the fifth time he's stayed asleep all night in the same place. On Friday night he went to sleep in his cot and stayed asleep in his cot all the way through to the morning, again just before six and with a little bit of grumbling before her went to sleep but still effectively sleeping all the way through the night for the sixth time ever. Last night he went to sleep in his cot and woke up in his cot, though had a few squeaks at a couple of points during the night so it doesn't count as an all-night-through sleep even though he didn't leave the room and woke up in the right place. These are perhaps the most consistent few nights' sleeps he's yet exhibited though I won't do anything rash like get my hopes up, especially when he's already had two squeaks this evening since being popped into the cot. Perhaps if he gets the needless squawking out of the way early on he's then fine for the rest of the night.

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