By monochrome

Deep in thought

Who'd have thought cheese on toast could be so thought provoking?

Another busy day today, although it was less tidying today and more to do with cooking stuff for Aidan's dinner at nursery (mrs monochrome put in an epic effort in the kitchen, as you'll see in her blip today). Aidan's been great again today - he enjoyed his swimming this morning and then wolfed down his breakfast afterwards. Then he played really well until lunch-time (despite being tired), wolfed down his lunch (cheese on toast), then went for a three hour nap.

The tooth that's been bothering him over the past few days finally made an appearance - a bottom molar (just as we thought) had cut through the gum this morning, and didn't seem to be troubling him as much as it had been yesterday and the day before. All the better for munching!

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