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A watery day

Spent a chunk of the day through in Stromness at the first leg of the spring league swimming gala. The two swim clubs, Stromness and Kirkwall, get together mix everyone up into teams and then swim up an down and up and down doing what swimmers do.

Lots of shouting and screaming and splashing (and that was just from the spectators). This leg was the breastroke and backstroke events, I'm assuming that next week will be the front crawl (which seems to be called freestyle) and butterfly but really I've no idea. We just go along and cheer until someone tells us it's finished.

Campbell was swimming in the relay races and his team won the backstroke one. Overall I think they are sitting about the middle of the points table but as I said I really don't know what goes on at these events.

Apologies for the pathetic shot which is nothing to do with what we did other than it being the road we just travelled and a quick drivebyoutthewindowquicktakeapicofanything. It's only virtue being it was vaguely in focus.

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