an itching in my thumbs

By itchythumbs

Cat vs. Bird

Mondays are my days off. Snowed all morning, just stopped a bit ago. Unlikely I'll make it out today.

I get amazing midday light in my bedroom, though I'm rarely here to see it. the windows all face west, so from noon until sunset the light can be beautiful. The whole apartment gets great light, actually.

I never was a cat person. I'm still not - I'll always prefer dogs. But I've come to love my roommate's cat, Ronnie. He's unlike any cat I've ever met.

He loves to lie on my bedspread day in and day out, and is a shameless cuddler. His squinty eyes are my favorite thing.

Here's to a day in - perhaps I'll start some soup soon to round out the coziness of it all.

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