Forest Elves

I've passed a very lovely morning with some old friends from our now sadly ended Save the Children Committee. We took the decision to finish after many years (too many to count) of organising sales and coffee mornings and concerts etc because we were dwindling in numbers and unable to recruit any more/new/younger members and I am very much the baby of the bunch! Several of us still meet for coffee and buns at half terms, to catch up with each other's families; politics; education; royalty whatever is current in the news.

I decided to walk home from Jean's on the other side of the Aire Valley because I'm determined to keep up my daily exercise and I set out on my bike this morning only to have a puncture going through the park estate. This is the third inner tube I've changed so I guess I must be missing something stuck in the tyre then.

Having picked up a pie in Bingley I set off up the hill. It was quiet in the park estate but still murky and soggy so not many bliportunities. I love this elf sitting on the bench but it took several shots for me to get my arthritic knees into position before the self timer ran out and he looks like he's having a wry smile at my attempts, even though he has lost an ear since our last walk along this path.

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