It Started Down Under

By dirk

Free Hotdogs

Can't say "no" to a free hotdog!

Today I started with the first module of this semester. It is still very vague. But in essence it is about sensorial perception and designing for this perception. It is quite elementary and really hard to stay with purely sensorical experiences.

To broaden our minds we went out into the city; that is where we encountered the free hotdogs. Of course we joined the long queue of students that were also in for free food.

This evening I went to the Heuvelse Kerk (a church) in Tilburg. There we rehearsed the songs for the carnavals-mess that will be held there. I will play the piano during this unique event in the Netherlands. Afterwards we got to admire the wax crucified Jesus sculpture in the church. It is horrifyingly accurate and realistic.

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