Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Tools of the Trade

The last of my back blips from Wales is a rather sentimental one.

Although it's more than ten years since my Dad passed away, every visit home provides very tangible reminders of his life, be it in the books on the shelves, the furniture and objects that he made, or his workshop where he made them.  He was a woodwork teacher and spent many hours in the workshop at the back of the garage.  There is more than one lifetime's accumulation of 'useful' nuts, bolts and washers here; I'm sure many of the tobacco tins came in turn from my Grandad's workshop which I helped my dad to clear out at a very young age. I haven't followed in the family tradition of working with wood, although I did turn a wooden egg or two on the lathe, under my Dad's guidance of course.

You can see one his creations  here.

life's accumulation ~ tools for craftsman and teacher ~ his remembrance wall

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