By MallyC

Be Seated......

Took a road trip today to visit favoured Aunt and Uncle in Timaru. Several stops to wee and water the dog, and us, and a very busy road filled with traffic going south, to escape Christchurch's devastation, made us quite late for our lunch but had an enjoyable visit and took many photos of the garden.

Maggie D - T&E send their love and commented on how thoughtful it was of you to include them in Euan's arrival.

Trip home about 5pm was much more cruisey with considerably less traffic and only a few road work hold-ups. Stopped in Waikouaiti for fish and chips - the best in this neck of the woods - and ate them down by the river bank just out of town. Lovely way to end the day and no cooking when we got home.

Took many images over the day. This one taken at Fleurs Place in Moeraki where we stopped for coffee and scones and where we will be having lunch next Wednesday courtesy of vouchers given to Mum and I for Christmas. Looking forward to that very much. Rick Stein advocates for Fleurs Place as being the best seafood restaurant in the world!! Have eaten there before and it was wonderful so roll on Wednesday.

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