an old cynic's view

By superhero

A beautiful underrated bird

Today was great and I haven't strayed from my garden apart from bowls this morning.
That was a story in itself after about an hour my blood pressure plummeted and I almost collapsed and was subbed.
Its not an unusual occurance given I am one of the youngest and if our team was ever drug tested we would get thrown out ha ha
I just feel tired after it.
I came back home when I thought I was fit enough to drive and what was waiting -- a letter from my GP to go and get tested for Diabetes,my strange mind is in overdrive now .
Any way back to blip
We have new visitors to our garden 2 goldfinches attracted by the culinary delights I serve up every day,but the pics I got of them were below standards required ,but fear not I will get them eventually.
This shot was taken before the drama of this morning and I love the colours in these georgeous birds

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