By cyclops


Today was my first dive of 2008, down at St Abbs. Although in Edinburgh it's been wet and windy, the weather in St Abbs had apparently been OK through the week. Reports on Friday were of 7m+ visibility.

I left the house at 7am (early for me!) and got down to St Abbs in plenty of time to meet the others from divetech. It was windy, but dry and bright, and the sea state looked good. I got my kit ready and we headed out on Selkie.

It was rough further out so we decided to drop in behind Black Carr. By this time it was apparent that visibility wasn't going to be great, but then some other divers who went into the water ahead of us reported about 2m vis and decided to get back on the boat... I went in anyway with Niall, but I didn't even bother taking my camera. A wise decision since it was like diving in pea soup - visibility was 1-2m and there was a bit of a tide across the site. It was hard work just maintaining buddy contact - photography wouldn't have been fun at all. None of us bothered going in for a second dive.

Glad I went out just to get back in the water and test my regulators after their service. Disappointed that it wasn't a good dive, and that I didn't get any photography in. Hoped for a nice underwater blip, instead I had to blip my underwater camera.

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