Framer's Intent...

By Scrybe

What A Day.

I spent a couple hours in town shooting street. I took a photo on one street and was walking down to the traffic lights when I feel someone grab hold of my arm tightly. Some woman demanding to know if I'd photographed her who said, all in one breath, "I'm gonna batter you, and then I'm gonna call the police!" I resisted the urge to point out the flaw in this evil plan while her two friends (who, quite frankly, looked rather drug addled) entered the foray.

Feeling her grip loosen for a fleeting moment, I pulled free and darted across the road to the newsagents on the other side, where I explained the situation to the staff while she continued to harass me and demand my camera. I asked them to call security (fortunately, the newsagents was in the entrance to a train station) who came along, pointed out that I was entirely right in saying photographing on a public road is not an invasion of privacy at all and that they could call the cops, but the cops would say the same thing.

Eventually, we negotiated with the woman that she would leave if I deleted my photograph, which I did. I was in no mood to hang around for the cops to turn up, trust it wasn't worth it. And I would have deleted the image earlier had she been even a little non-aggressive about it. But I wasn't about to hand my camera over to her as she'd been demanding.

I apologised to the staff at the shop, and the security guards, for bringing this on them, and thanked them for being cool about it. They totally understood.

Anyway, that all happened today. And then I made this blip on the bus home.

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