I ought to have checked this for bluriness after I'd taken it, as it was the only snap today. I think that this creaking old machine here (pre-intel mac mini) is taking a lot of enjoyment out of taking more than one daily shot - the cursor wheel spins forever simply moving from one image to the next.
Anyway, it's the shambolic, but very enjoyable, chandlers along harbour road. After a trip there, and then to Mum's and then to watch the last 10 minutes of the Hearts game with F, I legged it down town and an iPad shaped thought came into my mind. Why not. So I parted with the necessary amount and was so happy.
Except I soon realised it's just an appendage. There's not even a USB port. And it's an appendage to a computer that can't run a high enough level of iTunes cos it can't run a high enough version of the Mac OS. Another fine mess.

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