At Mindport

DJ, Annika, Aiden and Kaelyn visited us today from Vancouver. We've known them since Annika was 3 years old. Today she's 10. The three kids are like grandchildren to us and DJ and Rikki are like our kids. We love when they visit. This time we decided to spend the afternoon downtown in Bellingham. We ate a yummy late lunch at the Black Pearl and spent the rest of the afternoon at Mindport. What a great place to take kids. Not bad for adults either. They have all kinds of hands-on exhibits. This is Kaelyn with DJ playing with a huge set of pneumatic tubes that form patterns on the walls. Based on the position of the circular control in front of Kaelyn the ball follows one of three paths through the tubes. Kaelyn and DJ are looking up watching the ball traveling up the transparent tube above them. It's one of my favorite of the many experiments in this wonderful, playful place.

(Take a look at the lager version.)

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