The Gazweasel Times

By gazweasel

When it's rude to share

This guy ruined my trip home today. I spent four hours on trains, getting home from Bristol. Three of them were relaxing and allowed me to read about the Indian Mutiny 1857, in relative peace. However, for the final leg, the bleed from this guy's earplugs was so noisy, I had to listen to my own music.

Why do people not realise their earplugs bleed? I am so concious of it that I check all the time, especially when I get new ones, simply because I don't think I have the right to inflict my style of music on anyone.

OK, maybe I should have gone and complained but he was about 50 feet away, further in the carriage and I figured someone else, sitting nearer, could if it irritated them enough. As it turned out, I was the only one who wasn't enamoured of his Bollywood tunes.

I know it's very unlikely he'll see himself but if he does (or anyone who might know him) PLEASE get some decent earplugs or turn the volume down, you rude boy!

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