By Auslaender

Part Of The Russian Orthodox Church

There are 5 of these domes but nowhere to get a good shot of all them. Maybe I should rephrase that - nowhere I could get a good shot of all 5. Still, I like this - I like the blue and the gold and I like the sun on the stone.

Today was a really nice day to be out walking - if you were walking in the sun, it was really very pleasant in a I-don't-need-a-jacket way. Had a very good walk up to the Kirche that went through some very Des Res areas. I know they were des Res because there were a lot of high gates and even the odd cctv camera (those a bit more uncommon here compared to Edinburgh). The area around the Neroberg is very pretty with the exception of some 1970s architectural mistakes. I'd Blip some of the mistakes but that particular shade of Orange would probably break my little camera.

Lots of signs of Spring today. The fountain in the Kurpark has been switched back on, places have outside tables and they're not all being used by smokers in heavy coats. I shall not tempt Fate further by saying anything more and I'll keep me gloves in me rucksack.

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