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By kdoes

Last Day

Today was my last day at work. And coincidentally (and luckily) it was also the day of the "work outing" of our department.

So after only four hours of "work" I spent the last four hours (plus) in the following manner:

- Biking 9 km's
- Enjoy some lovely tea and cake
- Canoo together with Olaf for 45 min.
- Build an awesome kickass katapult with Olaf and Jordy and kick Mandy's ass.
- Some more drinks and icecream cake.
- Compete in the archery contest (we came 2nd in our group, not too bad).
- Eat lots and lots of food.
- Some more drinks.
- Bike 9 km's
- Drink a pint of strongbow at the Irish Pub.

Now at home with a sunburn :) still very relaxed from this great day! I don't think you can get a better last day at work (suits the place though, had lots of fun there). Good thing I get to hang out with them again on Thursday for a BBQ :D.

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