We're having a blast!

An action sequence from the one and only SuikerUnie Chimney Demolition Blipmeet ( SCDB ). Yes, we were having a blast! The chimney, 95 meters tall, was going down today. Better viewed somewhat bigger!

Fellow blipper and colleague Niels and I arrived at the scene of the blast at 6.45 this morning. We were the first and were able to secure a great spot. At 8.15 the countdown started: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... and then... nothing! Must have been a loose wire or something. After some men had nervously inspected the wiring it was time for a second attempt. This time it worked. Quite a loud explosion and then the chimney came down. The earth shook, another loud noise and then... dust. Lots of dust, covering both cameras and lungs. Footage from RTV-Noord, the local TV and radio station, can be found here.

Then it was time to work out where the other blippers had gone. After some phone calls and looking around we found Niels' dad and then it was time to get to McDonald's for a spontaneous blipmeet. They opened at 9.00, exactly when we were there. A quick cuppa and some chat and then it was time to get back home. Nice to meet you all!

Blips of the other blippers at the meet:

* hwh
* nh
* gn
* uzar
* niels

It would be fun if all blips of the blast could be tagged SCDB!

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