improper touching

Someone probably already exists who fits such a description but I occasionally wonder if there's an equivalent of HR Giger about who finds their boat floated by the woodlandish and treelike rather than bio-mechanical pipeyness?

Another relatively successful day, busy but relaxing due to the absence of boss-people getting all flappy and stressed about the constant disparity between the amount of staff their promises imply they have and the amount of staff actually sitting on desks in their department. They'll both probably be back on Monday but that's an entire weekend away. Due to their absences I managed to get an entire hour of lunchtime today during which to wander along the cool riverside at a speed which would have resulted in uncomfortable overheating just a month or so ago. Soon it will be autumnish enough to be able to pop out on a bicycle to interesting far-away places at lunchtime during daylight without getting all manky and sweaty. For this purpose I must head out again to various camera-accessory-vending shops (but particularly the one for whom I have some five-month-old vouchers) to see how big the distance currently is between the ideal multi-purpose backpack and the daftnesses available so that I can get rid of my relatively-useless Crumpler Dark Side on eBay before it devalues too much or before Nicky borrows it to pop to her allotment at the weekend only to leave a banana in it, resulting in banana-smelling nylon which probably isn't worth as much secondhand.

I don't know where it was coined but this week's New Scientist mentions that the acronym NIMBY has now been surpassed by BANANA for 'build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything'. It also mentions that someone who was in my year at school has just broken the world record for remembering a vastly hugely-digited binary number.

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