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Life's Little Moments

Friday 24 October 2014: It's Friday!

I have learned since moving here three weeks ago that anhingas and moorhens are two of the very easiest and readily available birds to photograph - excellent e-blip candidates, actually. The cool thing is that if you spend just a little time, you can usually catch them doing something interesting. Take this anhinga for example... she obviously spotted me standing behind the tree, poking Big Daddy out in hopes of getting a shot. She started doing that weird neck-swivel thing that anhingas do and flared her throat. Kind of reminded me on those little brown anole lizards with their neck fans. And, since I didn't really have a photo yet today that said "blip me", this became an easy choice.

I ended up heading south rather than north for my morning exploration and found myself at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve which is a lovely spot. I finally saw a very large alligator - couldn't see much of him as he was sunning himself with his head in the reeds. But still... Also saw a bunch of different raptors, including a small accipeter chasing a boat-tailed grackle - the grackle was nearly bigger than the hawk. I laid eyes on my firstGulf Fritillary butterflyand even managed a few shots. Ditto a large sulphur that I think may be a Large Orange Sulphur - I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on that.

I got a funny shot of a Moorhen eating flowers and a serious shot of a Barred own at the avian center. And I also took a shot of a beautiful tranquil spot where I spent a little time.

Went to the Reef Fish Market this afternoon and bought some fresh (just caught today) dogfish for dinner tonight. It is supposed to be a delicious fish and one that isn't always available since it must be caught with a spear rather than tackle or nets. Anyway, it sounded good so I got two nice filets to bring home. I'll pan sear them with a little olive oil and serve with sauteed spinach, orzo and cannelini beans. And a bottle of something white.

Looking forward to spending the day tomorrow with hubs - and then tomorrow night we are having dinner with CreativeCarol and her husband at their house. I'm SO looking forward to that!

Happy Friday, people! And thank you for sending my dueling egrets to the Spotlight page!


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